As a member of the Moreno family who arrived to Istanbul after their journey from Toledo, Spain in 1492, Sandro was born in Istanbul. Being an executive board member of Alevli Glassware, founded by the Moreno family in 1898, has been engaged in the trade of decorative tableware articles made of porcelain, giving tone to many prestigious places, notably the Ottoman Palace. Sandro is proud to present his experience and background in the “Sandro Moreno 1898” collection to your taste.

Blending his business mindset inherited from the Moreno family with the trainings he took in England, the United States, and Austria, Sandro enjoys reflecting his experience during his travels to objects and articles with the most recent trends, and presenting them to the taste of people. Believing that each object we utilize gives us some clues as to how we should live, Sandro designs his articles taking into account both functional and aesthetical aspects.

Also believing that difference can only be made by a good team rather than an individual, Sandro realized his first collection “1898” collaborating with a team of energetic professionals from design to production stages. We hope you will use our “1898” collection for your special days, which is produced under the guidance of Sandro and inspired from nature, art, experience, and synergy.


Designing the “1898” collection, we inspired from the “Vitruvian Man”, a well-known drawing created by Leonardo Da Vinci. It is considered the best illustration of the “golden ratio”, characterized by “the depiction of universe in a human body”.

Described as a unity of numerical and geometrical values reflecting the harmony between a whole and its components, the “Golden Ratio” has long been used in many fields from medicine to architecture, art and engineering since the ancient times.

We hope you will have “the golden ratio” in every aspect of your life while using our set of tea cups and saucers, inspired from the “Vitruvian Man”, an excellent visual depiction of balance, health and wellness.


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