''The Most Beautiful Home Gift''


We designed a brand-new set of tea cups with thin waist which is capable of bending up to 45 degrees upon placing onto their special saucers. This safe-to-handle yet easy-to-clean tea cups are produced from the finest quality glass with resistance to scratching and cracking, and thanks to the wide-mouth, you may easily wash them either by hand or in a dishwasher. Our cups can be used for years without sacrificing their sanitary and aesthetical quality. You can clearly see the level of steeped tea through the lower part of our cups, while feeling the elegance of thin glass at your lips.


Since your thumb rests securely on the inside part of saucer thanks to its special curved design, you can easily grasp by hand and safely pick up our tea saucers from any places without risk of tipping over. Our saucers are made of porcelain that can be washed in a dishwasher, and take up minimum space in the kitchen placing on top of each other while positioning them in a cupboard thanks to their ergonomic design. Our tea saucers being produced with elegant colors and patterns, will double your delight of tea due to their elegance and functionality.


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